Here (2012)

  • Pure
  • Beautiful Wounds
  • No Trace
  • Coil
  • Fall Away
  • Interference
  • Close Up Close Down
  • How Many Steps?
  • The Bare Image of You
  • Nå Sov (Now Sleep)
  • Burn
  • Holding The Time
  • End With Mourning 65'
Released on Squeaky Kate Label


Fold (2008)

  • I Dream Beside You
  • A Pier
  • Trust
  • Release
  • Quiet Sounds
  • Pirate Hats and Bears
  • Rain (for L.S.)
  • Soft Room
  • Cold Crave
  • Spires
  • While I Stole Your Affection
  • Spoken or Sung
  • Vinter Nå 65'
Released on Squeaky Kate Label


Passing Places (2006)

  • Long Pale Corridor (Agneta Falk)
  • Strokes of Breath (Peter Quinn)
  • Fire and Silk (Carlv Sandburg)
  • Come on Slowly (John Stone)
  • Into New Weather (Stephen Parr), 21'
Commissioned by Alison Wells
May 2006, Hertfordshire University, (part of Mayfest) - Alison Wells and Ian Mitchell


A Stranger Called This Morning (2003)

  • Celebration (text Ann Ziety)
  • Rising, Falling (text George Szirtes)
  • A Small Discovery (text James A. Emanuel)
  • What Could I Do But Laugh and Go? (text Richard le Gallienne)
  • Dream Colours (text anon)
  • The Sound Collector (text Roger McGough)
  • Helplessly Young (text Frances Cornford)
  • More Often Than we Tell (text Kit Wright)
  • Never Will I Go Home to be a Child (text Kathleen Raine)

Soprano, flute (piccolo, alto flute), clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, ‘cello, piano, percussion, 30'
Commissioned by Kokoro with funds provided by the PRS Foundation
First performance October 2003, The Study Gallery, Poole, Dorset - Alison Wells and Kokoro, conducted by Mark Forkgen
CD recording: A Stranger Called This Morning CRCD03
Listen (Helplessly Young)


On The Sheltering Bars (2001)

  • Upon the Sharp Edges of the Night (text Amy Lowell)
  • Fire Roses (text Cynthia Fuller)
  •  I Suspect (text Lynn Peters)
  • At 3 a.m. (text Wendy Cope)
  • My Bed (text Ann Gray)
  • A Big event (text Sophie Hannah)
  • The Longing of the Meat Trade (text Selima Hill)
  • The Morning After (Fiona Pitt-Kethley
  • After Love (text Maxime Kumin)

Soprano, violin, electric guitar, ‘cello, bass guitar, percussion, treatments, 32'
Commissioned the Smith Quartet with funds provided by the PRS Foundation
First performance (original scoring) March 2003, The Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University, Bath - Alison Wells and the Smith Quartet
CD recording: Close CRCD02
Listen (Fire Roses)