Warp and Weft - Concerto for 2 cellos, strings and percussion (2017)
2 cellos, perc,  26'
First performance June 8th 2017, Manchester Cathedral  - Gabriella Swallow and Guy Johnston and the Manchester Camerata conducted by Gabor Takacs-Nagy

Commissioned by the Manchester Camerata with funds provided by the Arts Council of England and the PRS for Music Foundation
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Landscapes With Birds (2004 rev 2010)
Improvising tenor sax (soprano sax). strings, 25'

  • The Heart’s Exploding Sun

  • Talking to Stony Skylines

  • Good Night Air

Commissioned by Viva with funds provided by the PRS Foundation.
First performance 31st Jan 2004, Assembly Rooms, Derby
Tim Whitehead and Sinfonia Viva

Where The Running Water Goes (2000)

  • The Seed (text Aileen Fisher)

  • Bird-world And Leaf-like (text Kathleen Raine)

  • Gone Forever (text Robert Louis Stevenson)

  • Silver (text Walter De La Mare)

  • Helplessly Young (text Frances Cornford)

  • Day Of These Days (Laurie Lee)

  • In The Distance (text Cecil Frances Alexander)

  • Daedalus (text Alastair Reid)

  • The Self Un-Seeing (text Thomas Hardy)

  • The Boat (Text Robert Pack) 3 perc, piano, harp, strings, instrumental soloists, narrator, 30'
Commissioned by the East Of England Orchestra with funds provided by East Midlands Arts

First performance July 2000, Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham - East Of England Orchestra and Lincolnshire Youth Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Kok

The Sleep Of Reason (1998) 2.2. Strings, 16'
Commissioned by the Bournemouth Orchestras with funds provided by Poole Borough Council
First performance Oct 1998, Weymouth Pavilion, Dorset - The Bournemouth Sinfonietta conducted by Paul Mann

The Inside Springs (1997) 2.2. 3 perc, electric guitar, piano (celesta), strings, 17'
First performance October 2001, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London (BBC Invitation Concert) - BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pascal Rophe
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 3, Nov 2001
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Aurora (1997)
Youth Orchestra 2 perc, piano, strings, 8'
Commissioned by the Warrington Youth Orchestra to commemorate their 25th anniversary
First performance Dec 1998, Parr Hall, Warrington - The Warrington Youth Orchestra conducted by Anthony Ridley

Off The Rails (1997)
Brass band with percussion, 6'
Commissioned by the Bournemouth Orchestras with funds provided by Thamesdown Borough Council
First performance June 1997, Swindon - Pegasus Brass and the Bournemouth Sinfonietta conducted by Niolae Moldoveanu